About Us

Established in 2017, AllSet Learning is a contemporary learning centre for Pre-K, Elementary, High School and Young Adults. AllSet Learning has 3 specializations, boasting a diverse selection of enrichment learning programs and camps:

  • Early childhood and elementary education 
    • English Phonics Program
    • Speech and Vocabulary Building Program
    • Social Etiquette Program
    • Private School Interview Preparation Program
    • Math Talks Program
    • Summer Camp, Spring Camp and Pro-D Day Camp
    • Homework & Learning Support Programs
  • Private school application consultation and services
  • Canadian university and job application education

Our innovative teaching approach creates well-rounded and happy students who leverage their academic, social and professional skills to lead a rewarding life. With a passion for helping students optimize their potential and over a decade of experience, AllSet Learning is a student’s second home – a safe, welcoming and empowering learning space.


At AllSet Learning, we offer excellence in everything we do to create a world lead by our children.

We offer interactive educational activities with a hands-on approach.

We support individuality and creativity in a safe space.

We use the power of positive reinforcement and creativity to inspire students to love learning.

AllSet Learning Core Values


We instill values and attitudes that will lead students to academic, social and professional success by sourcing the high quality educators who have a deep passion for teaching and enabling students.



Develop intellectually brilliant students by meeting students’ educational needs and interests while keeping parents in the loop regarding their child’s progress and achievements.


We encourage student collaboration, promote creativity and individuality by providing engaging educational activities in a safe and welcoming learning environment.


Why Choose AllSet Learning?

Well-Rounded Learning Experience

  • We offer Integrated learning programs to help students better understand subjects and discussions in school.
  • Our Integrated learning programs cover a diverse variety of subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts, Business, Sciences and Current Events.
  • All classes incorporate lessons from the latest BC Curriculum to help students get ahead in school.

Excellent Teachers = Excellent Classes

  • Our educators have exemplary qualifications, applicable educational background and broad variety of experiences
  • Our educators act on the best interest of students by innovating teaching methods and activities to meet students’ academic needs

Enrich 21st Century Skills

  • Small class sizes allow for in-depth discussions which foster creativityone of the leading skills of the 21st century.
  • Our classes are all Enrichment classes, which help students learn important skills to excel in life.
  • Key Learning Outcomes:
      • Apply classroom learning to real life situations
      • Solve challenges through critical thinking and adaptability
      • Improve teamwork skills and leadership skills to become accountable and respectful individuals
      • Improve organizational skills, planning skills and presentation skills
      • Learn to take initiative and be more productive
      • Become proficient academically, socially and professionally
    • … Most importantly, become life-long learners!

Our programs are great value for money!

Invest in your child’s future by choosing AllSet Learning today.

Our Founders

Every learning centre has a standard for their educators and at AllSet Learning, we not only surpass the quality standards of the education industry but also excel in providing the friendliest and most motivational learning experience.


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