Annie ChangEducator

Every learning centre has a standard for their educators and at AllSet Learning, we not only surpass the quality standards of the education industry but also excel in providing the friendliest and most engaging learning experience.

When it comes to excellent all-rounded educators, Annie is the one your child will love and grow with. Annie is TESL certified and works as a BC Elementary School Teacher in the Burnaby school district with a Bachelors in Education and Family Studies from UBC and a concentration in special needs education. She has over 10 years of experience teaching children from ages 3 to 16 years old in English, ESL, Mathematics, Social Studies, and many other school subjects. Specializing in English and ESL education, Annie is an exceptional educator when it comes to working with children who want to become more confident with their English.

Having worked with special needs children in the past, Annie is known to be incredibly patient, out-going, approachable and always puts forth an encouraging and positive attitude. She treats every student with equal respect and care so that students will be able to learn from a positive role model and be courteous and kind to others around them.

Annie is excited to embark on a journey of learning and enlightenment with your children at AllSet Learning.

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