Reggio Pre-K Fundamentals Class

It is never too early to get ahead in learning!


  • Improve motor skills, simple mathematics skills, recognition skills, literacy skills and social skills
  • Reggio: All activities are hands-on, educational, fun and interactive
  • Classes lead by a qualified educator with experience teaching English and ESL
  • Small class sizes to ensure adequate attention is provided to each student


We highly suggest students to take our Phonics class after completion of this course.

Reggio Pre-K Phonics Class

Want to let your kid get a head start in school? Sign up for our Reggio Pre-K Phonics program!


  • Learn to pronounce all sounds of the alphabet, vowels and irregular vowels 
  • Learn to read simple short stories and write sentences
  • Learn the fundamentals of spelling and reading which will allow students to excel in understanding class materials in the future
  • Reggio: Hands-on and play-based learning makes class educational and fun!

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