Spring Break & Winter Camp

Spring Break & Winter Camp

AllSet Learning’s Camp is designed to combine education and fun into one incredible learning experience. We have a two different themes for each week of spring break and loads of cool educational activities based around the theme!

Everyday, students learn English in an encouraging and collaborative environment. We do an exceptional job of keeping students engaged in educational activities and offer outdoor day-trips* so that students get the fresh air and exercise they need to stimulate their brains for more learning. All of our camps are designed by experienced educators and camp leaders who are passionate about helping children make progress in their academics. Everyday, activities are lead by inspiring, intelligent and enthusiastic educators specializing in English, who will make it their goal to be positive role models for the students to learn from. Sign up for AllSet Learning’s Spring Break Camp and see the difference that two weeks can make in your child’s education!

*Outdoor day-trips for Winter Camp may be limited based on weather conditions to ensure safety. Instead, events, workshops and activities will be brought into the classroom to guarantee a fun and educational experience.

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