Integrated Enrichment ESL (Elementary)

Our unique ESL program will change the way your child views the world!


We Offer:

  • Individualized English learning experience to cater to student’s interests and inspire deeper levels of learning
  • Classes aligned with the BC educational curriculum
  • Small class sizes of up to 3 students ensures a safe and comfortable learning experience for students of all English confidence levels
  • Learn about various themes such as social studies, sciences, literature, essay writing, story telling, and many more educational topics
  • Students will learn through creative writing, poetry, literary analysis, essay writing and gain confidence in all facets of the English language


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve grammar, reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary
  • Improve analysis, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Make connections between class work and real life
  • Become well-rounded with a broad and deep understanding of diverse topics
  • Grow confident in public speaking and debate
  • Learn teamwork and leadership skills
  • Improve organizational skills and logical thought process
  • Improve research and formatting skills


What is Integrated ESL?

Students learn better when they can apply their learning right away. Our ESL program is integrated with themes that will help students better understand subjects and discussions in school. Our lessons will teach ESL with themes such as social studies, sciences, literature, essay writing, story telling, and many more educational topics.


Enrich Skills

Our English and Math programs are enriched with high value learning experiences to help students become successful academically, socially and professionally. For all of our Enrichment courses, we help students gain important skills that will help them excel in life: Critical thinking, problem solving, organizing, planning, collaborating, leading and many more.


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